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Why should I become a member of the BTB community?


BTB Members and their families will benefit from programs, workshops, events, and resources offered by Vancouver BTB. BTB members reap untold benefits from improving one's social connectedness, feeling of belonging to a community.


Vancouver BTB is tasked with coordinating resources that aid in offering education, training & practical tools to law enforcement families and fostering a community of support for the enrichment of family life. 


While we strive to be endorsed by and collaborate with the Vancouver Police Department and Association Vancouver BTB is an independent, peer-led organization operated in order to best serve our community.


Vancouver BTB is a Chapter of Canada Beyond The Blue. Canada BTB and its Chapters are run by volunteers who are family members of law enforcement officers/civilian members and this vested interest drives their passion and dedication. Chapter funding comes largely from donations, sponsorships, fundraising initiatives as well as the police service and member's association in each location.


  • Confidential & secure

  • All members are vetted to ensure safety & security

  • Access to the member's only area of our website

  • Peer support

  • Resources, workshops & training 

  • Social events

Step 1 - Membership Application


Step 2 - Activation

Once your membership is approved, click the Login/Sign Up button on the top right hand side of the main page of the site to create a username & password - please be sure to use the same email address you used in your application.

Step 3 - Explore!

Once you have activated your account, you will be able to access the Member area of the side on the far right hand side. In this area you will find information about:

- Upcoming Events

- Peer Support 

- Resources

- and much more!

Having trouble with your application or sign in?

Email us at

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